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This little smile is so beautiful.

Because for about three episodes now, Killian was worried. He was worried that she didn’t feel the same way he did. He was worried that she was avoiding him and pushing him away because she changed her mind about them.

But he didn’t push her on it. He asked her once, knew he wasn’t getting a straight answer, and let it go. He didn’t mention it again in the second episode and not throughout the third even when she told him not to go with her. He thought it was because she didn’t want him with her.

Then it comes to this amazing moment, when Emma says ‘I can’t lose you too’. And here it is, here is this beautiful little smile. because how can Killian Jones not smile when he finds out that the reason the woman he loves pushing him away isn’t because she doesn’t feel the same way, but because she feels the exact same way about him.

And in this gif, you can literally see the heaviness of his relief, like it’s its own tangible thing.

Killian Jones you kill me every single time.

(gif belongs to oncepromised)

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